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Kelly CanterManaged IT services allow employees to focus on the work at hand. IT service companies in Dallas should provide the highest standards of security suitable for a modern workplace. The ever changing business requires a competitive IT company in Dallas for consulting and project assistance. IT experts should make technology easy and provide standardized techniques to give your organization consistent results.Desktop repair in Dallas is a service offered by many centers and selection of the best among these enterprises needs to be in line with the company that offers you quality and affordable services. Diagnosing of computers and virus removal should be done by a highly trained technician who can provide fast and accurate services. Always consider companies that areprovidinga healthy flat rate, and there should be no obligation if your estimated cost is not in line with the prices that are charged.Tips to Prevent your PC from ProblemsRun a system scanRunning a system scan will enable you to know if there any malicious software’s on your system and this could be the cause to your system running very slow and sluggishly so very annoying. It will be good to check your antivirus scanner to see if it’s up to date because maybe a newly developed malware would be affecting your system. In conjunction to these, I will recommend that you also use software called a ccleaner and this also acts like a scanner but it wipes off very many unwanted bulk files in your system hence freeing up some of your systems memory increasing it speeds.Uninstall recently installed programs and hardwareEverybody loves free things including free software’s but most of us are an aware that some of them are malicious to our computer systems, uninstalling these programs malicious programs will also be part of solving the issue incase its software related. If you happen to have installed a new hard disk in your computer or changed its RAM even its entire motherboard that could also be the issue try use elimination method remove the hard disk and use your old hard disk if your computer works normally then your new hard disk could be not compatible with your computer try get a compatible one and use it. If you cannot still get it up and running hire a service.Find a fast and reliable PC repair from Dallas for an experienced repair technician with experience. Technicians should be readily available and able to repair all computer brands and a good cost estimate should be calculated and should be pocket-friendly. An upgrade to your PC should be an upside. An upgrade to dual core or a higher cache should only be offered by a company with excellent IT services in Dallas. Some repair centers give wrong information to unaware customers leading to spoiling your PC or even being overcharged.Most centers also offer data recovery from hard disk services after the loss of data. A flat fee is charged for data retrieval, and if the data cannot be recovered, a new computer can be selected for the data transfer.

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Submitted by: Antonette Pua

Grow your eCommerce sales organically this Christmas season by playing up your product descriptions rather than offering big discounts.

After all, online shoppers are willing to put their money where their heart is; give them a good reason to buy your product rather than just its specifications.

Suppose youre a customer looking to buy a waterproof watch which you need not take off while swimming or washing your hands.

Are you going to buy a watch whose description says Double sealed anodised case back with a crown screwed down to resist water at 20 Atm, or another one which says Its waterproof O-ring allows you to wear it even while washing your hands or swimming?

Unless youre a certified diver and familiar with diving terms, youll want the second item which is clearly described as safe to use in a wet environment.

Keep in mind that your product description must be targeted at a specific buyer.

In order to do that, identify the characteristics, lifestyle and even language of that person.

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Our example above wasnt aimed at a professional diver, but instead at someone who wants to keep track of time without any hassle.

Interesting without the Fanfare

Once you have identified your buyer, imagine that youre talking to them face-to-face while writing your product description.

Note that nothing can be more boring than kilometric sentences stuffed with unnecessary fillers, especially overused adjectives like excellent, one of a kind, the best of its kind and top quality, among others.

Use short, clear-cut words to highlight the features of your product; it is best practice to present these in bullet format.

Your customers will appreciate bite-sized information more than a block of big words.

Remember that the attention span of online customers is 10 seconds, but the holiday rush could shorten this as theyll be busy shopping for themselves, friends and loved ones.

Create Desire in Their Minds

Unlike in a physical store where practically everything on the rack can be touched and tested, your product can only be viewed on your website, which makes it hard for customers to decide whether to buy it or not.

Using a writing technique which breathes life into your product, you can easily make them want to buy your product.

By nature, most of us want what we dont have yetotherwise, none of us would be working or aspiring for anything.

Use that distinct human quality to hit on your customers need for the holidays while writing the description.

For womens apparel, for example, make them feel good at the idea of redefining holiday fashion wear in that party dress.

If youre targeting the yuppie crowd with your trainers, spell out how these can help them look sleek and stylish without compromising comfort.

It basically comes down to putting together a good story with your target customer as the main character.

If you give them a good reason to buy your product, then they will buy it in a flash.

Are your product descriptions talking to your customers?

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