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Homeowners Insurance Tips Offered By Fort Lauderdale, Fl Insurance Broker}

Submitted by: Alisa Murphy

Owning a home comes with many costs and responsibilities. Because it’s such a valuable investment, homeowners need to carefully consider the type of plan needed for adequate coverage. Since obtaining protection is normally a one-time event, at least until they purchase their next home, most homeowners are not well-informed about navigating the fine print of their policies and seeking appropriate compensation when filing claims.

Homeowners need to weigh several factors when purchasing insurance. They generally opt to consult with an experienced agent regarding what is available and what is recommended for their particular situation. A FL insurance broker can help clients obtain the most appropriate coverage for their property.

Homeowners’ policies generally cover physical damage to the home, as well as damage to sheds, garages, or other structures on the property. Insurance coverage also extends to personal belongings that may be lost or damaged. Insurers usually offer this type of protection for up to a certain percentage (usually three-quarters) of your home’s insurance value. Extra coverage can be obtained for especially valuable personal items.

Sometimes homeowners have to move out when significant damage resulting from a covered event occurs, such as a fire or severe storm. In such cases, insurance policies can provide reimbursement for temporary living expenses.

Policies also usually include liability coverage, in the event that some one else is injured or sustains significant damage to personal possessions while on your property.

Before obtaining coverage, prospective homeowners need to decide how much to purchase. Insurance value is based on the projected cost of rebuilding, not on the home’s market value. The two are likely to be quite different. While housing values still have not rebounded in many locales, building costs are escalating. An independent third party or your insurance agent can help you come up with an accurate measure of construction costs. When you know how much coverage you want, it’s time to look for a quote. Higher-deductible policies have lower premiums, so having one of those plans could save you money, as long as you have enough in savings to take care of the deductible if you need to file a claim. A FL insurance broker can advise you regarding a variety of coverage options.

Homeowners insurance does not cover flooding. If you live in an area where flooding is likely or just want extra protection, talk to your insurance agent about obtaining additional coverage.

When you’re finally in your new home, it’s a good idea to take a comprehensive inventory of your possessions and the overall condition of the house so that you have this information readily available if you ever need to file a claim. Keep your records in a place other than your home. If you need to store them in your residence, secure them where they won’t be damaged by fire or weather elements. If your home sustains storm or other damage, your information will be preserved.

Learn about available home owners insurance options and coverage solutions with your Fort Lauderdale, FL insurance broker.

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Dating After Divorce

By Christina Rowe

Where do you go to meet someone new? Years ago it seemed like singles bars were the only permanent meeting place. They were open every night, but they were also pressure cookers that were often fueled by too much alcohol. Now there is another spot this is always open: the World Wide Web. The Internet provides many interesting options. As online dating has gained popularity it has shown itself to be more convenient than singles bars, with more possibilities as well.

I joined This dating service makes you fill out a lengthy questionnaire aimed at matching you and a mate. The match is made on the basis of several critical components. I liked E-harmony for several reasons. One was their policy of not posting your information and photo for just anyone to see. Your data is sent only to specific matches.

Another popular site is Though I made no dates through them, I perused their site, and saw how they worked. They seem to have a greater selection of potential dates. At you can browse and look at available singles pictures and profiles. You do the choosing using the posted information.

YouTube Preview Image

My cousin has had some success there, meeting a man, and starting a serious relationship with him. Hers is one of many Internet success stories. I know of a woman who was recently divorced and developed a friendship online with a man from Scotland. They exchanged emails and photos, and soon their feelings deepened. He sent her two airline tickets to Scotland, one ticket for her and one for a friend. Although hesitant, she went. She fell in love. After returning to the United States she felt that she could no longer go on without this man. She flew back to Scotland and they were married. By the way, he is a millionaire and they live in a castle! They just recently celebrated the birth of their first child. So you see, fairy tales do happen!

For some nothing will do but to meet someone the old-fashioned way in person. One can stay away from singles bars, but still find people with similar interests, by joining a club or taking classes. Even if the right person isn t there, you will still have a lot of fun. The workplace can be an avenue for romance, though you must mind any given job site s rules on socializing.

Though many of us dread the singles bar, they can be tolerable, and even good places to go if you take along some friends. Go to one where there s dancing. You may meet someone worthwhile. It does happen!

Last but not least, don t be too shy about having friends or family match you with someone.

Whatever option you choose; don t get discouraged. It takes time. If you have the patience you will be rewarded with an array of choices.

About the Author: Christina Rowe is the author of the new book “Seven Secrets To A Successful Divorce-What Every Woman Needs To Know”. Find out the survival skills that will save you time, money and heartache during your divorce. For your free Secrets of Divorce newsletter go to


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