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Skin Needling The Solution To Acne Scarring &Amp; Wrinkles?

Skin Needling – The Solution To Acne Scarring & Wrinkles?


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Skin needling, which is sometimes referred to as micro-needling, is a type of skin therapy which helps to reduce wrinkles and scarring from acne or other reasons. It is a very effective skin rejuvenation technique that smooths out skin imperfections, restoring a more youthful look to the skin.

This technique is performed with a small, hand-held tool. The tool consists of a handle on one end attached to a rolling barrel imbedded with very tiny steel needles. The practitioner runs the tool over the face or body, and the needles slightly pierce the client s skin. This is designed to force the skin to produce collagen to heal the skin. It also allows topical serums to penetrate the skin better. The new layer of skin is softer, smoother and more pristine. This procedure should be performed by a certified laser and skin therapist.

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Technically called percutaneous collagen induction (PCI), skin needling was first pioneered by the South African plastic surgeon Des Fernandes, MD. In 1997 he began exploring the technique of increasing the production of collagen with bleeding therapy using hundreds of pricks. He found that if he pierced the second layer of skin, called the dermis, with needles that were one to three millimetres long, he could force the skin’s fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin. Once the skin heals, it is smoother and boasts less visible imperfections, wrinkles and scars. PCI doesn’t produce new scars as some other skin rejuvenating techniques might, such as ablative lasers.

Potential users with any type of skin, even the most sensitive skin types, can benefit from skin needling. A single treatment produces slightly thicker skin, which will make sensitive skin less sensitive, even to UV rays. Another advantage of skin needling to other trauma-inducing skin rejuvenating techniques is that it doesn’t result in changes to the skin pigment. Because it consists of small pin pricks in the dermis, it doesn’t activate the melanocytes that produce hyper-pigmentation in some areas of the skin.

When performed by a certified laser and skin therapist, skin needling is usually performed using 1.5 millimetre needles. This size needle will produce the best results, and the laser and skin therapist may apply a topical anaesthetic to numb the treatment area. Some swelling and discoloration may be noticed and typically will last one or two days after treatment. Generally, it is recommended that the client undergo between 1-3 treatments for best results, although this can vary depending on the expectations of the client and severity of the treatment area.

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Skin Needling – The Solution To Acne Scarring & Wrinkles?