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Niseko Consulting Shifts Property Management Services To Sister Firm, Niseko Owners

Submitted by: Michael Davenport

Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan, Nov. 15, 2012 –Niseko Consulting, an independent real estate sales and investment consultancy based in the Niseko area of Japan, has officially transferred its property management services division to its newly created sister company, Niseko Owners.

Niseko Owners now offers extended property management services for its Niseko real estate owners and those with property for sale and homes for sale in Niseko, Japan. In addition, Niseko Owners will also make available its full slate of real estate and management services for those residential and commercial clients that are interested in leasing apartments. The market demand for both commercial and residential apartment and condo units is such that Niseko will devote its full resources to addressing the needs of this vibrant sector of the real estate market. It represents yet another step forward in the growing presence of Niseko Consulting in the Japanese real estate market.

As company owner Michael Davenport explains, Niseko Consulting first began offering property management services in 2006 as a service to its Niseko real estate owners who used the agency to help purchase their Niseko homes. However, with demand for more management services on the rise, Davenport says it became clear a second company was needed.

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We began to witness very strong demand and rapid expansion within our property management services division, said Davenport. So after careful observations of the market and demand, we made the decision to officially branch out under a new entity to be able to offer our customers specialized management of all residential and commercial properties in the Niseko region, and hold to our commitment to offer value with excellent service at all levels.

Davenport said Niseko Owners focuses on providing Niseko homeowners and commercial investors a way to economically track all activities regarding leasing and property upkeep, affording them peace of mind and real-time control over their investments.

One of the main aims in running our company is to save our owners money by avoiding excessive fees, hidden charges and ensuring the property is managed economically, Davenport said. All of our Niseko property owners have complete access to our online system, where they may view property details, trust account details, management agreements, invoices and real time cash flow statements.

Niseko Owners handles all aspects of building and contents insurance, tax, snow management, cleaning, repairs, car maintenance and more. Niseko Owners can also assist individuals with many other aspects of owning property in a foreign country, including translations, buying goods and food shopping, arranging mobile phones, rental cars and more, streamlining the process for investors based overseas, as well as non-nationals living in the Niseko area or other parts of the country.

About Niseko Owners, is a sister company to Niseko Consulting, offering a full range of extended property management services for its Niseko residential and commercial real estate owners, ensuring economical, real-time tracking of rental agreements and payments, sales listings and activity and general property maintenance issues.

For more information, please visit or call +81 0136-55-8122.

About the Author: Micheal Davenport is owner of Niseko Consulting, which was launched in 2006, and offers a full suite of real estate services for

homes for sale in Niseko

as well as for individuals buying and or renting commercial property in Niseko, Japan and surrounding areas.


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Claw Hammer And Sledgehammer For Industrial Work

Claw Hammer and Sledgehammer for Industrial Work


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An essential hand tool for wood working and various other repairing jobs, claw hammer is the fundamental requirement for carpenters. Used primarily for pounding nails into, or extracting nails from any object, claw hammer is the tools that can be seen with any carpenter when he is working. Though, it is a primary tool for carpenters, it has its use in metal work too wherein it is used to pound nails or extract nails from one place and place at some other place.

As claw hammer cannot be used for heavy hammering on metal surfaces, sledgehammers are used for the purpose. A claw hammer has T shape and flat head one side. The other side has curved head that is split in the middle forming a “V” shape – this is claw of the hammer. Thus, it is basically designed to meet numerous requirements in wood working or metal work i.e. extracting nails or pounding the nails. Nevertheless, the blunt side of the claw hammer is used to impact other surfaces.


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Like claw hammer, sledge hammer too is used for various industrial purposes. A tool consisting of a large, flat head attached to a lever, sledgehammer was perhaps one of the first hand tools that were invented by humans. A typical sledgehammer contains a head usually made of some strong metal e.g. iron. Depending upon the use or purpose, the size of the head in sledgehammer is determined. For instance in stone mines it is big, in wood working it is usually small.

Spirit Levels

Used in various sectors or industries including of construction, wood working, engineering, surveying, etc. a spirit level or bubble level is an instrument that indicates whether a surface is horizontal or vertical. Thus, it helps in bringing out precision in wood working and engineering as well as surveying. Used mainly by professionals such as carpenters, stonemasons, bricklayers, building trades workers, surveyors, millwrights, metalworkers, etc. Spirit Levels contain ethanol in it for the purpose.

Spirit Levels are highly recommended for surveying as it works as surveyor’s leveling instrument wherein a surveyor can map down tilting level, dumpy level or automatic level and plan out the leveling accordingly. Similarly, it can be used by carpenters to know the exact level of surfaces in furniture. Construction industry too uses Spirit Level to know Line Level of buildings. Engineers on the other hand use it to bring precision and accuracy. is Australia’s favourite online hardware store, provides quality

Claw Hammer

, claw hammer steel and


at trade prices.

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Immigration To Alberta}

Submitted by: Zaryab Malik

Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program ( Alberta PNP )

The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program or Alberta PNP is a separate PNP authorizing Alberta to nominate candidates depending on skill-set to migrate and settle in Alberta. The Alberta Ministry of Employment and Immigration is the governing body accounting for the nominee program and annual immigration quota required to address the immigration needs of the Alberta province

Under the new agreement, the Candidates fulfilling federal admissibility requirements are offered with Alberta Provincial Nomination Certificate which fast-track their application.

Under the new PNP agreement, there is no longer a cap on the immigrants figure that can be nominated for permanent residency in province of Alberta annually as well as no expiry date. The AINP will run until further notice, with Alberta providing targets for CIC to fit in its yearly immigration levels planning.

Under the new PNP agreement, steps have been taken to ease and fast-track overseas worker immigration and hiring by employers in need, including the Canada-Alberta Working Group creation to quickly identify labor shortage and address the problem. Also, Federal government and Alberta have approved a pilot project targeting to accelerate immigration of health-care professionals.


(Facts about Alberta) Population and Geography

The province of Alberta is among the top settlement destinations for Canada immigration and is amongst the most prosperous province of Canada offering high standard lifestyle. The province is home to more than 3.3 million and is known as the Energy Province of Canada due to its insignia as the international leader in natural oil and gas industry. The capital city Edmonton and city of Calgary together share largest population of Alberta that is over 1 million each.

Economy and Employment

Alberta province exhibits high economic growth rate and full of opportunities for further economic growth. Alberta economy is majorly driven by blooming energy industry which is the major job provider of the province, accounting for more than 275,000 employments. The oil sands project has been the top employment provider in 2010-2011 as well as in past. Alberta possesses a diversified economy as apart from the natural oil and gas other sectors like manufacturing which has grown double in size and traditional large ranching and farming industries continue to create jobs for migrating foreign nationals. For Canada immigrants desiring to find job in Canada, Alberta is the right place to start off your career.

Jobs and Working Conditions

Alberta has the amongst the lowest unemployment rate as compared to rest Canadian provinces and has great demand for overseas skilled workers offering higher and competitive salary and wage, further boosted with the lowest personal taxation in the Federal Canada. In addition, you can save greater chunk of your earnings due to lower taxation! Recently, the annual immigration quota for permanent residence and temporary foreign workers has been expanded to allow more immigrants to settle in Alberta. Edmond and Calgary constantly ranked among the best places to work in the world by international surveys. Availability of job, higher wages, lowest taxation, robust economy and high lifestyle – all these facts together push Alberta as the top destination to immigrate and work in Canada under Provincial Nominee Program.

Eligibility (Who can apply)

The Alberta PNP or AINP applicant must receive a Nomination Certificate by Alberta before submitting the application. The candidate has to prepare a separate application to CIC after being nominated by the province of Alberta. The AINP offers visa approval for different classes, each having its own sub-classes.

AINP Strategic Recruitment Stream Eligibility:

No job offer require to be eligible for this class and you must be currently residing in US for US Visa Holder, otherwise Alberta, sub-classes are :

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1. U.S. Visa Holder Class (On hold until further notice)

2. Engineering Occupations Class

3. Compulsory and Optional Trades Class

AINP Employer Driven Stream Eligibility:

This requires a valid job offer from an Alberta employer to be eligible for this class, sub-classes are

1. Skilled Worker Class

o Job offer should be in a skilled occupation (NOC O,A,B)

o Must have prescribed education and specialized training required for the applying position

2. International Graduate Class

o Job offer should be in a skilled occupation (NOC O,A,B)

o Must have concluded a diploma, degree or graduate level credential from an authorized Canadian academy

o Must have prescribed education and specialized training required for the applying position

3. Semi-Skilled Worker Class

Must have the required qualifications for the job in one of the industries :

o Food and Beverage processing

o Hospitality – Hotel and Lodging

o Manufacturing

o Trucking – Transportation

o Food service (pilot project)

AINP Self Employed Farmer Stream Eligibility:

Prior experience of managing a farm business

Qualification and training required to build up a farming business in the province

Business plan and objective for the farming business to be developed in the province

Proof that a financial institution of Canada is offering finance for proposed farming business

At least C$500,000 of equity to invest in the proposed farming business

Minimum net worth of C$500,000 or proof of access to that much amount funds from other sources

AINP Family Stream: (On hold until further notice)

How to Apply

After you received your approval package from the Alberta province including your nomination document, you need to apply for your permanent residency to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). Your PNP nomination is valid for six months only and you must apply before expiry date. If you have authorized a representative then you will not receive the nomination document and it will be directly handed to your representative.

You have to submit the complete application to CIC along with all required documents including –

Original AINP Nomination Document (photocopy should be retained for reference by you)

Completed and duly signed CIC application forms

All prescribed documents along with visa fees

FAQ on Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program:

Question: What is the processing time for Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program?

Answer: Application processing time of AINP depends on the category you applied and CIC office where you have submitted the application. However it takes around six to twelve months for Skilled Worker and International graduate category, and around nine to fifteen months for Semi-skilled worker category.

Question: What type of employment or job offer needed to be eligible for the AINP?

Answer: You need to have permanent, full-time job letter from an employer of Alberta.

Question: Do I need to apply to CIC office after receiving nomination document from Alberta province?

Answer: Yes

Question: Can I obtain a status update or track my AINP application?

Answer: Status updates or follow-ups are not provided.

Question: Do I need to deposit any fee at the time of submitting application to AINP?

Answer: No, you dont have to submit any fee at that time. However, after receiving nomination you need to submit fee to CIC office along with your application.

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Beware: Living With A Prostitute Can Be Illegal And Land You In Prison

Submitted by: Greg Hill

In Solano County, California, Defendant Sean ali Grant was convicted of pimping under Penal Code 266h(a), as well as assault with a deadly weapon ( 245(a)(1), corporal injury to a cohabitant ( 273.5(a)) and false imprisonment by violence ( 236). He was sentenced to five years in state prison.

The criminal complaint alleged that Grant did unlawfully and knowing a person to be a prostitute, live and derive support and maintenance in whole or in part from the earnings and proceeds of said person s prostitution. The prostitute was his girlfriend and housemate, Burgundi Selvin.

Grant challenged the conviction as unconstitutional because the statute criminalizes a person s Fourteenth Amendment substantive right to association by prohibiting cohabitation with a known prostitute. The real challenge was to Penal Code 266 ( Pimping ) because, Grant argued, it prohibited association regardless of whether the person knew the source of the funds or chose to perpetuate the prostitution.

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The factual background framing the constitutional challenge seems to have doomed Grant. Grant met Selvin in 2007 and the two began an intimate dating relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend. At some point, Grant began taking pictures of Selvin and posting them on the Internet for Selvin s prostitution services. Neither Grant nor Selvin had jobs, but the two lived solely off Selvin s earnings.

Grant set up a special telephone line for Selvin s customers and would stay in the apartment where Selvin would perform services. He would then take the money customers left on a counter in the apartment and divide it with Selvin. He used some of the money to buy a laptop computer, which he limited Selvin s access to over time.

The First Appellate District, Division Three, in People v. Grant (2011 DJDAR 6458), quickly distinguished the Fourteenth Amendment right to association from the right Grant seemed to define very broadly. The Court pointed out that the substantive rights guaranteed under the Constitution concerned marriage, procreation, contraception, family relationships, child rearing and education, but not a right to exploit commercial prostitution practiced by others.

As such, the Court said Grant had no right to derive monetary gain from another s illegal conduct. Going further, the Court pointed out that in the absence of fundamental liberty interest at issue, a statute may prohibit certain conduct as long as the prohibition bears a rational relationship to some state legitimate state interest. Here, that state interest is curbing prostitution, which prior cases have determined to be a vocation that ministers to and feeds upon human weaknesses, appetites and passions, .. . which affects public health and morals. People v. Hasil (1930) 341 Ill. 286, 289.

The Court even pointed out that Penal Code 266h(a) was rather limited in its scope as compared to other statutes designed to protect the public interest, some of which extend to destruction of a property interest of an accused, which 266h(a) does not do.

Consequently, the Court found that the Pimping Statute was an undeniably proper use of legislative power.

As almost an aside, seemingly just to put Grant s appeal completely to rest, the Court pointed out that the defenses to pimping were not present here to help Grant. Grant did not show lack of knowledge that Selvin was a prostitute, as he said, she hos herself out. He did not show that the money they had came from another source, as neither he nor Selvin worked. And he failed to show Selvin s earnings were not being used to pay for his maintenance and support.

About the Author: Greg Hill is a criminal defense attorney in Torrance, California. He graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy (Bachelor of Science, 1987), Boston University (M.B.A. 1994) and Loyola Law School (J.D. 1998). Visit his firm s website is at

or call him at (310) 782-2500.


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Organizing Your Garage To Optimize Its Use

Organizing Your Garage to Optimize Its Use


Aaliyah Arthur

An unorganized garage can be a source of frustration no matter how you look at it. That is why it helps to organize your garage space to the best of your ability. You first have to figure out whether you just wish to park your car in your garage or whether you wish to use it to store things in. The more effective you can be with your organization and your utilization of space the more you will find that this part of your home can work in your favor as opposed to working against you!

Whether you are aware of it or not the garage is a valuable part of your home and can increase or decrease the value of it. For many people this important extra area of their home accounts for approximately 10 to 20 percent of the storage space that they have overall.

Before you do anything you need to have a vision and a purpose for how you would like this area of your house to look and to be. This is not the same for everyone which is why you must decide what is most suitable for you and work from there. You cannot reclaim your space until you know what exactly you are reclaiming it for!

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When you have a vision then this helps to provide you with the motivation you need to roll up your sleeves and get to work. It is also good because once you institute positive changes it is highly unlikely that you are going to want your garage to go back to being as cluttered or as disorganized as it was before.

Organizing all of the items you have in this room can be overwhelming. For that reason it helps to break it down into smaller tasks as opposed to one big task that is very daunting. Think of it as the divide and conquer method of organization.

Look around and get a clear picture of everything and then set about the task of sorting your belongings. Make three piles of stuff. One can be the items you are going to toss, the second can be the items you are going to keep and the third can be the items you are planning to donate. Then subdivide the items that you plan to get rid of. Which items must be recycled and which can be thrown in the garbage? Is there anything that is still in working order and could be sold at a yard sale?

Once everything has been sorted you can then break your space down into zones and designate each zone for its own unique purpose. For example, you may place tools in one area, camping equipment in another, exercise equipment in another and so on. Perhaps you store seasonal items in your storage area. Then you will require another zone for those things. Make sure once you do this that you do put things in the proper designated regions! One thing that can make this process even smoother is to put up shelving units and use hooks and storage containers where applicable.


Nashville TN garage

can help you store your possessions safely without fear that they will fall victim to the elements. For more information please see the following:

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