What Are The Benefits Of Vertical Blinds?

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Submitted by: Ben Greenwood

Choosing new blinds for a home can be a difficult process; you choose to go with blinds over curtains or drapes and then suddenly you re faced with an even more daunting selection of what blinds to go for. The truth is, there s no hard and fast answer to what sort of blinds you should go for in your home personal choice will probably override any advice you are given. Nevertheless, there are advantages and disadvantages to every type of blind and these should always be taken into consideration when making your choice.

One style of blind that perhaps gets overlooked a bit is the vertical blind. Consisting of multiple vertical slats held together by a headrail which can be turned 180 degree as well as drawn to the side or down the centre , vertical blinds are sometimes thought of as less aesthetically pleasing as venetian varieties or less practical than a roller blind. To think this would be to make a hasty assumption however; vertical blinds offer plenty of advantages other blinds can t.

Vertical blinds are essential if you are planning to dress a patio door, a conservatory or any window that s larger than the usual. As they hang vertically, these blinds can cover a larger surface area whilst still looking great the amount of horizontal slats required to cover a glass door or full-length window also means vertical blinds represent better value. Verticals are also more adaptable to a homeowners needs in these situations as well as the slats can be adjusted to just the right level of sunlight you want to let in.

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One of the big problems homeowners often find with blinds is that they are harder to clean than curtains and, especially with venetian blinds, require an awful lot of dusting. Anyone with an understanding of gravity would know that this isn t the case with vertical blinds; dust can t gather if it has nowhere to go! With regular checks cleaning verticals is easier than other blinds too. If you should need to put vertical blinds in the wash, the slats are easily detachable.

That links into the next benefit; maintenance. Everyone is aware that blinds, if handled incorrectly, can be easily broken. However, unlike Venetian and roller blinds which either requires expert repair or replacing entirely, the slats on vertical blinds can easily be removed and replaced. This means that vertical blinds could potentially last you decades certainly a worthwhile investment.

There s also a misconception that vertical blinds aren t as aesthetically pleasing as other types of blinds; this is largely nonsense. Verticals come in many patterns and materials; from floral pink to blue suede via just about anything you can think of! You can even get them in energy saving materials, which store heat in the winter and keep you cool in the summer, erasing the need for heating or air conditioning and saving you money in the process. Against a conservatory or patio door, vertical blinds offer a great looking alternative to drapes.

Versatile, good-looking and comparatively cheap, vertical blinds should be considered by just about anyone thinking of investing in new blinds.

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