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Movado: An Unmistakably Classy Style Statement

Submitted by: James Oates

There is no mistaking the classic look of a Movado watch. The single dot at the 12:00 spot represents the sun at high noon the way people told time before there were watches. It also represents a museum-quality timepiece.

Since the company was founded in 1881 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, the company has been awarded more than 100 patents and some 200 awards for design and technology. Even the company name, Movado, is synonymous with change, as it means always in motion in Esperanto the universal language to foster international peace and understanding.

Today s Movado craftsmen remain dedicated to waterproof timepieces that are technically and ascetically innovative. You will find the famous dial in museums around the world and if you are so inclined around your wrist.

Gold-Plated Case and Stainless Steel Watch

One of the most popular models of Movado watches for men is the classic gold-plated case and stainless steel watch. It features, of course, a black dial and the signature concave dot at 12 o clock. On the inside is a Swiss movement that keeps your watch in perfect time. It wraps around the wrist with a stainless steel bracelet that is 7 inches by 18 millimeters wide. It is water resistant up to 100 feet.

Juro Two-Tone Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

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Another popular watch for men is the Juro two-tone stainless steel bracelet watch. The timepiece features a two-tone stainless steel case with gold accents, encircling the famous black dial. It offers Swiss quartz movement and a 7 -inch stainless steel bracelet. It is water resistant up to 100 feet.

Movado Museum Collection Watch

For a classic look, consider the Movado Museum Collection watch with a black leather strap. This is the watch design that was placed in a 1960 collection in the Museum of Modern Art and it is the watch face that is still seen in museums around the world. The classic design features a round stainless steel case and dial, as well as the famous dot.

Another model features a gold-plated stainless steel case. The silver-tone watches have a concave silver-tone dot and watch hands. The gold-tone models have gold-tone dot, markers and hands. The black leather strap measures 8 5/8 inches by 18 millimeters wide.

Men s 800 Series Swizz-Made Quartz Chronograph Stainless Steel Watch

Movado also offers more rugged watches to wear when you leave the office and venture outdoors or underwater. The watches do not feature the classic Movado face with the dot as you know it, but they are made with the same fine Swiss craftsmanship. A handsome example is the Men s 800 Series Swiss-made quartz chronograph stainless steel watch. It comes in a silver case with a white dial or a silver case with a black dial. The case features a unidirectional rotating bezel with a black border and black numbers at 10-minute intervals.

On the back of the rubber-accented case is an M for Movado. The name Movado is also on the front face between 8:00 and 9:00. This watch combines style and function with a chronograph and tachymeter so you can measure elapsed time and calculate speed. It is water resistant to 200 meters.

Instead of the concave dot, you will find a luminous dot at 12 o clock and luminous markers at all hour positions. It features sub dials at 2:00, 6:00 and 10:00. There is a date window near 4:00. A manly 24 millimeter silver-tone stainless steel bracelet, secures the watch.

Movado Museum Collection Watch

Many of the men s watches come in an appropriately scaled down versions for women. For instance, the men s Movado Museum Collection watch with the leather band is also made for women. The strap is shorter and narrower just 7 inches by 16 millimeters.

Mother-of-Pearl Dial and Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

Movado also designs watches for its female customers like the Mother-of-Pearl dial and stainless steel bracelet watch. Two things make this a unique timepiece: the open circle linked stainless steel bracelet and the Mother-of-Pearl face. This may be a beautiful watch, but the Swiss quartz movement is as strong and sure as any other Movado watch for men or women. A 6-inch bracelet secures the watch, which is water resistant to 100 feet.

Pocket Watch

If you are looking to set style, rather than follow it, consider the Movado Men s Esperanza pocket watch. The pocket watch became popular around the 16th century and remained in fashion until after World War I, when wrist watches became all the rage. But there is something to be said about a pocket watch that is attached to a belt loop or lapel via a short chain.

Movado offers the modern version of the pocket watch, complete with the classic museum face. It has a silver-tone stainless steel case surrounding a black dial and the Movado dot. It is powered by Swiss quartz movement and comes with a 7 -inch stainless steel chain. Although it s a pocket watch, it is still water resistant up to 100 feet.

Regardless of your tastes and preferences, Movado is sure to offer the perfect timepiece to complete your watch collection.

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