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Being Aware Of Breast Cancer Treatment In Riverhead, Ny

byAlma Abell

Dealing with any type of cancer is a frightening prospect that requires a lot of inner strength and the support of friends and family. Every year, millions of dollars’ worth of funding are provided to cancer research, and many charities provide at least as much. Although great strides have been made in a wide variety of cancers, early detection remains the key in any type of treatment.

An Insidious Disease

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Breast cancer rates have been on the rise for some time. It is a disease that does not discriminate, and affects young women as often as it does older women. In this context, it is an illness that affects many women across all walks of life and too often takes mothers away from their young children and partners.

The good news is that screening procedures and subsequent breast cancer treatment in Riverhead, NY has vastly improved. The primary method of early detection is through the mammogram, and if breast cancer treatment is required, the treating surgeons and doctors will have as much accurate information as possible.

The Importance of Education and Screening

As with many cancers, when there is late detection and the disease is in a mid to late stage, breast cancer treatment is not as effective. The key is getting to it early enough to prevent the spread of the disease through removal of the affected areas, full mastectomy, and chemotherapy.

Clinics like understand that it is crucial in the fight against breast cancer to educate women, young and old, about the importance of annual screenings. They also understand that using the best equipment will provide the highest accuracy and the best information to treating physicians should treatment be required. You can also follow them on Twitter.

Free Bible School Attend A Bible College To Have A Great Future

By Marie Mardeko

Bible colleges are certification institutions that are skilled in studies of Bible and Christianity. Their tutorials are driven by bible and varies from regular schools. To learn the Bible is necessary in the life span of a Christian and essential for somebody led by God into his ministry. Standard Bible Colleges and Seminaries are costly in both time and money. Bible schools generally eliminate the research of beliefs, distinct from seminaries and Christian schools. Moreover, bible colleges are distinct from seminaries nevertheless are comparable to Christian schools because Bible colleges are primarily undergraduate institutions. Shortly after, graduating from college you need to figure out the path you must proceed.

You will come across a few who like to have a work at once instead of following their individual university dreams while other people could join the military services to serve the country. Still, the most significant thing you have to keep in mind and keep to is the way where God is steering you. Higher education is an option which will involve some diligent research and is something which needs to be contemplated ever since in your childhood. The faster you fix and limit your choices, the larger the possibility you could track down a top notch College. There are a lot of things that you should do ahead of you find a Bible college. They are listed below:

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A lot of Bible schools have lessons that are rather akin to secular schools, while others have concentrated choices in Bible curriculums. Many would provide you flexibility or an array of choices between each of those. Despite the fact that it is usual to not understand what you want to do regarding your livelihood if you are in your early years of youth, being aware of what you have to study would confine your set of alternatives. The charges of a Bible college is in fact a factor to look for. Still, many schools give grants and scholarships to get around the fees of teaching. You can come across schools that will offer your child a complete scholarship or grant, determined by his grades and necessity.

It’s necessary to finish some groundwork for the Bible College to ensure they have a fantastic track record. An easy Internet search could assist in this procedure. Take care you skip a Bible school which focuses on worship leading if you really feel entitled for community work. Does the Bible School you’re looking at joining gives you solace? A solace which can be seen on you that weighs more than your understanding and you feel inside. As soon as you can educate yourself to live in keeping with this God given inner contentment, you then can learn that it is a God thing!

Participating in a Bible college don’t result in a religious occupation like a priest or a soldier of God. Nonetheless, attending school where the directors, staff, mentors, and students are good Christians is in fact a good feeling. Bible colleges not just attend to your studies, but as well to your personal, psychological, and religious goals. Furthermore, research shows that people who enroll in Bible schools are most likely to protect their Christian morals and great hope in God. Attend now and stay on the right course to a superb future!

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Recycling Plastic Bottles To Build Eco Friendly Schools}

Recycling plastic bottles to build eco-friendly schools


Chris Barry

In October 2010, San Diego nonprofit Hug it Forward completed the construction of their fourth green school – or “bottle school” – in a rural Guatemalan village near Central America’s tallest volcano. Prior to Hug It Forward’s partnership with Nueva Reforma to build a new school by recycling plastic bottles, two grades of village primary students crammed into each of the existing classrooms and a makeshift shack.

Upon identifying the need for more adequate classroom space, project facilitator and Peace Corps Volunteer Jamie Staples worked with community leaders to initiate a community-led effort to collect plastic bottles and non-biodegradable materials from the streets. Children and parents stuffed the collected bottles with plastic bags and other inorganic waste. Local construction workers and masons then stacked the recycled plastic bottles in the walls, secured them with chicken wire, and finished the walls with layered stucco. At the end of the project, the bottle school diverted 3,000 pounds of trash out of the local landfill and rivers.

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Manifest Foundation, Hug It Forward’s primary sponsor since April 2010, supplied the funding for construction of the sustainable school in Nueva Reforma while the community contributed the skilled and unskilled labor necessary.

“The bottle school has been a source of pride for a community that otherwise has very little in terms of infrastructure. It doubled the square footage of classroom space and provides a space for community gatherings such as meetings, elections, and dances,” says Staples.

In addition to tackling infrastructural needs through finance and technical assistance, Hug It Forward is dedicated to serving local communities and project facilitators in educating local youth about recycling, upcycling and environmental awareness.

“They have much more respect for nature than people in ‘developed’ countries like the US. The issue is that they do not realize that plastic bottles take hundred of years to biodegrade, that they cause a hazard to wildlife and tourism and that the fumes of burning plastic are toxic,” says Heenal Rajani of Hug It Forward.

Where once stood a lean-to structure of bamboo and rusting corrugated metal roofing now stands a new baby-blue structure that is eco-friendly with ample special comfort to accommodate all six grade levels.

Hug It Forward completed its inaugural bottle school in November 2009. Over the course of the following year, they have scaled their efforts from that one school to four finished schools with three more currently under construction and plans to build five more in the coming months. As a result, Hug It Forward and its partner communities have successfully removed more than 8 tons of trash from the environment and increased Guatemalan educational square footage by nearly 4,400 sq ft.

Hug it Forward is a 100% nonprofit organization based in San Diego that blends intangible change with tangible change globally with one goal, uniting people as one. The intangible change is provided through the scientifically proven power of free hugs. The tangible change is provided by empowering communities to unite by working together to towards a common goal. The goal is to provide schools built out of wasted trash bottles called “bottle schools”. For more information about Hug it Forward, please contact Zach Balle at (858) 888-2626 or visit

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