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Security Prison Equipment

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By Patricia Holland

Basic prison equipment includes security fixtures that are designed to prevent weapons manufacture, suicide, and inmate vandalism. Units are intended to be easy to service and clean, but at the same time, almost impossible for inmates to tamper with or damage. Architects can choose from individual prison plumbing fixtures or combination units that save on space and water consumption. A wide range of mounting options and fixture designs exists to meet the needs of local jails, minimum security prisons, and large, maximum security prisons.

Individual lavatories are ideal for cells with multiple occupants. Bowls are oval or rectangular and drain rapidly. A seamless, welded plate encloses the bottom of the lavatory, and the backsplash features a double wall construction that can take up to 5,000 pounds of force.

Individual toilets are also standard prison equipment for cells that are occupied by multiple inmates. Toilets are made to handle up to 5,000 pounds of force and can be mounted in either triangular pipe chases or angled walls. Stainless steel toilets are easy to clean and feature no sharp or rough edges. Several configurations exist to accommodate cells of different sizes and prisons of different security levels.

Combination toilet lavatory units can be used in large prison cells or local jail cells. For facilities that can afford all in one units, they provide each inmate with basic lavatory and toilet facilities on one seamless, compact design. Combo units are also adaptable to a variety of building plumbing arrays. They can be installed in triangular pipe chases or angled walls in either floor outlets or wall outlets, and they are some of the most vandal resistant prison equipment on the market.

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These units also secure from behind cell walls and are built with an all-welded design that prevents them from being pulled from the wall or pried open. Units are built without rough edges or hooks that could be used for weapons manufacturer or suicide. Self-draining toilets and lavatories prevent overflow.

Urinals are standard prison equipment for group areas in men’s correctional facilities. Fixtures can be configured to service up to 8 users at a time. Both trough and straddle configurations are available. Stalls can also be created between individual urinals. Washout and blowout options are available, but blowout is preferred in most facilities because debris is evacuated immediately. All welded design has no seams, welds, or crevices. Odor is minimized by continuous flushing rims that wash all four walls.

Cabinet showers and wall showers are essential prison equipment standard to facilities of all security levels and sizes.

Cabinet showers are made from stainless steel and feature tension released towel hooks for suicide prevention. The receptor floor is designed to eliminate the need for waterproof block walled shower enclosures. Units are available in chase and knock down configurations and ship with concealed water supply and waste plumbing preassembled. Towel hooks feature tension released; break away design for suicide prevention.

Wall showers save on installation costs with a simple rough in connection. Like cabinet showers, wall showers also feature vandal resistant shower heads and tension release towel hooks and can be ordered in several low profile valve options.

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