How To Plan A Baby Shower Inspired By The Best Bed Time Stories

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How To Plan A Baby Shower Inspired By The Best Bed Time Stories


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Planning and having a baby shower can be a lot of fun, but sometimes you need a bit of help. Choosing a theme that centered around a particular activity, like reading bedtime stories, can make that process a little easier. You’ll need a location, party favours, food, decorations, and activities to enjoy. So let’s get started and make the best bedtime-inspired baby shower.

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Location Depending on you budget and how many people will be attending you can have it at your home or rent some sort of hall. No matter where you end up having it, it will be wonderful. Food Depending on your background or your types of favorite food will depend on what you make. ‘Finger foods’ are great at a baby shower. You can easy eat while talk among friends. You can also use any foods noted in your best bed time story and incorporate it in you dishes. Such as the “Three Little Bears”, you can make oatmeal (cold with fruit) to imitate porridge. Or green deviled eggs (use food coloring) and ham to imitate Dr. Suess book “Green Eggs and Ham.” With dessert you can incorporate that to. For the “Three Little Bears” you can get a cake and place three plastic bears on top. You can find them at any party store. Or for the book, “Are You My Mother?”, for example you can get a little plastic bird to put on the cake with gummy worms. Party Favours Now everyone loves baby shower favors. And, they’re a wonderful way to thank guests for attending the shower. There is so much you can do. If you decide to go with the book “Are You My Mother?”, you can make edible bird seed with raisins, instant oatmeal, and some other favorites. For the “Three Little Bears,” a homemade chocolate lollipop would be a perfect baby shower favour. You can get the mold at any craft/cooking store. Decorations Once again depending on the book you choose depends on what to do. Capitalize on the theme of the book and find ways to incorporate it in your decor. Continuing with the examples of “Are You My Mother?” or the “Three Little Bears” you would want to use the animal or character of that book and make decorations based on them. Colors, if there’s not any main colors in your book, can be some of your or the new baby’s colors or the ones you’re using in the nursery. Try to put up streamers and make it bright and fun. Activities Who doesn’t love fun and games at a baby shower? One fun game is to have every one write their name on a piece of paper, then ask how many squares of toilet paper do you think it would take to go around your tummy. Everyone writes down the number of squares they think and then you take a roll of toilet paper and who ever is the closest wins a prize. Another game is you make a quiz about you and your pregnancy. After everyone fills it out, see who gets the most right and award a prize. Not only is this a fun game, but it lets you know who was really paying attention to Mom during the pregnancy.

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How To Plan A Baby Shower Inspired By The Best Bed Time Stories

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