Decorating With Wedding Ornaments}

Decorating with Wedding Ornaments


Jaid Chambers

The wedding event consists of numerous acts, objects and things required to be put together duly arranged in the chain system. If any of the links is missed the event turns to the flop-show. The Wedding costumes or dresses and the Wedding Ornaments in particular need the most attentions much longer before the day of Wedding. Of course there are hundreds of Jewellery designers who provide all the required assistance in making the ornaments of your choice and within your specific budgets too. For this you must plan out the entire deal well in advance enabling the jeweler to shape up the ornaments exactly to meet your design and tastes. This may also enable you both to go for any addition or alterations if so required once the ornaments get ready.

In the Western Countries the brides are not that very choosy for their Wedding Ornaments and generally does not emphasis much for the same. They give more importance to their Wedding Costumes than the Ornaments. However, it does not mean that they do not wear the ornaments or the jewellery; they mostly prefer solitaire or diamond studded Broaches, Necklace, Bracelets, Pendants or Ear-rings etc. Thos who cannot afford these settle with imitation or other similar artistic ornamental jewellery.

In the Indian traditional marriage system, the bride has to be given the maximum Ornaments made of Gold or other Precious metals like Platinum. The Natural Beads and Pearls tied with nylon strings and partially using Gold in between, the other precious stones like Ruby, Emerald, Amethyst etc studded in Gold or White metals duly gold platted. Even the Diamond studded ornaments are the most preferred by the richer sections of the society. The Wedding Ornaments have a plenty of items under the title, to name a few:

Necklaces: The traditional chain type of necklace symbolically name “Mangal Sutra” is a must for any wedding bride. The brides mainly prefer necklaces of their traditional designs and patterns duly hand-made by their familiar Goldsmiths. However, the machine-made qualities with the lighter weights and very attractive designs and patterns are also preferred due to its low cost and easy handling. Combination of two different metals is selected to give the elegant look to the necklaces.

Pendants: These are considered as the most attractive or eye-catching part of any necklace and are mainly made of Gold with matching stones or other metals coinciding the necklace design. The sizes and shapes of such pendants are also vivid and often found of symbolizing sacred logos. Some brides also go for the engraved or diamond studded initials of her spouse. Pendants with individual zodiac signs are also in fashion.

Earrings: The medium sized earrings made from gold and similar precious metals are generally preferred by the brides that resemble the pattern and design of the necklace overall.

Bracelets: Commonly known as the Bangles are made in various designs and combinations suitable to match the related ornaments

Rings: This is again the important piece of the Wedding Ornament and has some significance in the Wedding Process.

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