Personalized Wedding Invitations Are Truly One Of A Kind

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Personalized wedding invitations are the perfect way to create an invite that is as unique as the bridal couple themselves. They have the unmistakable stamp of the bridal couple all over them and leave a lasting impression on the recipients. If you are planning on having everything personalized for your wedding, why compromise on your wedding invitations? Sure they may be a little more expensive than regular wedding invitations but for the impact they create, they are well worth the money and the time spent over them.

An Invite is an Invite is an Invite Or Is It?

With myriad other things to attend to does it make sense to spend endless hours poring over the details of your personalized wedding invite in an attempt to get it just right?

Yes it does. Personalized wedding invitations tell your guests more than just the date, time and venue of the event. They are the first indication that your guests will have of the style and tone of your wedding. It is like an introduction to your wedding; a preview of what is yet to come. One look at the style, design and wording of your wedding invitation and all your guests will know what kind of wedding reception they can expect to look forward to.

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Personalized wedding invitations in pure white with embossed letters and gold edges would be indicative of a traditional wedding whereas colored or dual toned personalized wedding invitations would tell your guests that the day is going to be more modern.

How to Personalize Wedding Invitations

When personalizing wedding invitations it is best to choose something that reflects your personality as well as the style of your wedding. One of the most basic and simplest ways of personalizing your wedding invitation is by incorporating the wedding colors into the card. If you’ve designed a logo for the wedding, you could have that printed or embossed onto the wedding invitation too. If you are planning on having any one type of flower for the wedding; perhaps roses, you could have your wedding invites printed onto handmade paper with echoed rose motifs all over.

Monogramming is another brilliant idea for personalizing wedding invitations. A simple monogram with the bride and groom’s initials intertwined can set your wedding invitations apart from anybody else’s.

One carefully chosen romantic phrase or just one line of a special love poem at the top of the card sets the tone for a romantic wedding.

Incorporating a photo of the bridal couple onto the invite is the ultimate way to personalize wedding invitations. By doing this you can be sure that your personalized wedding invitation is truly unique and one-of-a-kind.

Personalized wedding invitations set the stage for a truly one of a kind wedding and are the perfect way of creating exclusive custom-made invites that reflect the unique personality of the bridal couple.

Along with the other wedding d cor, personalized wedding stationery offers bridal couples yet another way to display their creativity. With beads, sequins, shells and an endless assortment of fonts and graphics, the possibilities are endless.

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