Visible Trends Within The Field Of Dentistry}

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Visible Trends within the Field of Dentistry



Dentistry is a science which continues to change as technology evolves, technological advancements have made possible several procedures and treatments which were just simply out of the question two to three decades ago, technology has helped dentists to overcome many obstacles and provide healthy smiles to many people. As this science is improved by technology we can clearly see two trends which are mainly aimed towards the appearance of a patient, these are mouth reconstruction and smile makeovers.

Mouth reconstruction:

A mouth reconstruction requires a lot of work from the dentist, he can correct problems related to the way our teeth are structured and placed in our mouth, this procedure can also correct problems with the bite as well as the muscles located in the jaw, these procedures may go as far as addressing structural problems concerning our bones.

Such procedure often requires for more than one dentist to get involved because each one is going to have to provide their knowledge in order to achieve a successful outcome, this refers to the area of expertise of each dentists, some may be specialists in orthodontics and others in cosmetic dentistry which is why a mouth reconstruction is a more complete procedure.

Smile makeovers:

Smile makeovers require less work from the dentist compared to a full mouth reconstruction however, the results of such work are very noticeable. In order for a cosmetic dentist to alter the appearance of a person’s oral cavity it is necessary to use tools and procedures such as teeth whitening which can restore a natural color to stained teeth, dental implants in places where is required as well as dental veneers which reshape a patient’s teeth in order to achieve a more natural and even look.

In the past few years the interest in Dentistry has shifted from health related focus to a more cosmetic approach, this shift has created the trends that we see today.

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Visible Trends within the Field of Dentistry


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