Friday, October 19, 2007

YouTube announced that Taiwan Traditional Chinese website has been released yesterday in Taipei City, Taiwan, and the unique web address will be shown as “” or “”. Users from YouTube Global Sites can access Taiwan Site. This site launch will be a benefit for users preferring reading Chinese more than other languages.

In the press conference, co-founder Steve Chen explained the reason choosing “.tw” address, “With lots of good experiences using Traditional Chinese Site in Hong Kong, I think Taiwan should also be. We improved search functions to find more in Taiwan.” He remarked. “YouTube has lots of international sites in many countries including Taiwan, with a keyword, you can find lots of different results in different sites.” YouTube International Manager Sakina Arsiwala said.

Not only the launch by the performance of Eight Generals and Steve Chen, YouTube also invited China Television Co., CommonWealth Magazine, Lion Travel Co., Ltd., and Taiwan Broadcasting System to share experiences of partnership. “We should learn some conceptions on sharing and public service needed in this networking era.” Yuan-hui Hu (President and CEO of Public Television Service, Taiwan) remarked at the Partner Panel of the Press Conference.

After the Press Conference, YouTube held launch and site experience activities at Xinyi Plaza of Shin Kong Mitsukoshi and invited registered users participating in “Beautiful Taiwan” online video competition.

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